Friday, December 11, 2009


oh man, I haven't posted forever! Life has been so busy and I have also been working on another blog It is my website for the hair flowers and clips I sell. Making all of the clips has kept me really busy and that is why I haven't posted in so long, but now I am on a bit of a clip making break, so back to blogging and I promise it will be more frequent!

Lets see, quick update

-Brett went to Haiti with work, Amazing trip!

-I went to California and enjoyed some fun fall time with the family (Lots of time at Apple Hill)

-Maya had her first pony ride

-We had a roommate move in and move out in the same month (interesting experience)
-Went to the Denver Nature and Science museum with friends

-annual trip to Vail in fancy condo, got to see my parents there

-3rd annual Hinkle/Goodlin/Ditmer pumkin carving
-Pumpkin patch

-Halloween (Maya was Nemo)

-We realized when Maya said "bobby" she wanted water.....not sure how that came about

-Maya learned how to go down the fast water slides all by herself at Villa Sport

-Compassion craft fair -lots of cute bows and clips for girls

-Maya finally met aunt Anna

-Another trip to cali for Thanksgiving

Maya love to say "Kyki" instead of" Kyri" they are friends

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