Thursday, December 17, 2009

someone's in the kitchen with mommy

One of my favorite things to do with Maya is bake! I get the step stool, put on our aprons and off we go! Maya has learned how to crack eggs, stir, pour ingredients and best of all sample the dough or batter to make sure it isn't poisonous :O) I usually give her a few raisens or snacks on the counter to keep her occupied since her attention span is about 30 seconds, unless she is eating food of course. She pretends to measure her snack and pour it into her own bowl, and she does that back and fourth about a million times, but I love it! She is my little helper and I am so excited for more times in the kitchen

Ready to Cook!

A little stir

sneaking a taste

mmm... goood

I'll have more


  1. aww that is so cute! what a fun, beautiful girl!

  2. My kind of girl: loves to eat, bake, and sneak a taste! :) Sooo cute.

    p.s. I love your Christmas card. Thank you for sending me one! It's on the fridge, of course, and everyone is saying how cute Maya is. :)


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