Saturday, March 13, 2010

california, sisters and more

Maya and I enjoyed a short trip to Cali at the end of February. We really wanted Maya to have another free plane ride to Cali before she turned two, plus I got to fly free also (thanks to southwest)!!!
We met a new friend named Mable at the airport (long delay), she was a wonderful help!! She played with Maya, gave her a stuffed animal, pushed her in the stroller and she even boarded with us during family boarding!
Our new friend Mable!

First we stayed in Placerville, with "NaNa" (what Maya named Grandma), Grandpa, and aunt Candi. Grandpa even watched Maya for a few hours and changed a poopy diaper, I was pretty impressed! We also enjoyed some time outside and at the park. After dinner Maya helped Nana in the kitchen baking her famous bar chocolate chip cookies.

after the yummy cookie

Friday we headed to Paradise/Chico, but not without stopping in Lincoln to surprise Sarah and Kyri! I treated Sarah to a late b-day gift of painting pottery while Kevin and Nana stayed home and watched the kids. Sarah and I had a blast together and stopped at Chevy's for lunch (a necessary component of our time together).

We then head to Chico to see sister Carrisa and baby Norah.

For dinner we went to Hulas and meet up with the family some great family friends, the Vaughns (Phil, Dinah, Billy & Tacie, although Tacie and Billy weren't there). I have know the Vaughn family since I was 3 years old!! They have been like family to us and have been with us during all of our difficulties in life. Phil even married Brett and I. Dinah was a mentor and a leader I looked to while growing up and Tacie was one of my closets friends. It had been years since I had seen them so it was great to catch up briefly. The Vaughns are some of the greatest people I will ever know, they are changing the kingdom one person at a time. They mean more to me than they will ever know........

Saturday I got to enjoy breakfast with a great old best friend, Michelle, who is expecting a little girl. It was great catching up and relating with someone who works in the same field as I do.
The rest of Saturday was spent with family and it was so fun! My sisters took me shopping, we went to a really fun park, we enjoyed Carrisa's home made gluten free dinner, and I was given a craft lesson. My sisters are so crafty and sooo very talented. I think it runs in the family, all of the craft stuff, but I think my sisters just have a natural talent and eye for art. I took a few pictures of some of the things Carrisa has made, but I am really disappointed I didn't get any photos of Danae's stuff. I would really buy some of her art, it is sooo incredible and creative!

meeting Michelle for breakfast

Maya was sooo excited about Capre Acres!

Some of my sister, Carrisa's craftiness with invitations she has made

It was sad for the night to end together. We watched "The Time Travelers Wife" and ate popcorn. Honestly I wasn't huge fan of the movie, I don't like those sad endings.

On Sunday we went to the CMA, the church I grew up in. It is kind of strange going back because so much has changed, yet so much is the same. It is weird going back , people have families and children. The little 5 year old kids I remember are now in highschool, and the youth group I was so much a part of now wonders who I am.... It was good to go though I got to see some great friends like Hillary, who has the cutest little girl Molly! and I got to see Janelle and her sweet baby Lyla, and many other people.

Right after church it was back to the airport. My mom and I stopped by our old house and had a moment.......sigh. I just think of my brother Darren when I see that house....5565 lightfoot way, so many memories there

Now for more memories

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  1. Your memorable blog made me laugh and sigh, smile and cry.... Hugs from Mom/NaNa


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