Monday, April 19, 2010


What a great Easter! We got to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, hunt Easter eggs and watch Brett get baptized.

This year Easter was so fun with Maya! We did 2 different Easter egg hunts and she loved both of them! She was after every egg she could possibly get her eye on. At villa sport they had a hunt, fun activities and the Easter bunny. As you can see Maya wasn't sure what to think of the bunny.

Maya also got to go down a big inflatable slide, I think she was the smallest child doing it and as you can see she was totally fearless. (she is on the right side, in pink)

We did the 2nd hunt at a preschool by our house, we meet up with our good friends the Brewers, we love Ian and Emily, they are so fun!
(Maya & Emily)

Maya enjoying a treat from the cake walk

Easter Sunday I made a brunch and "papa" jointed us.

We then went to church and had a late lunch at our good friends "the Whites." They made a wonderful meal for many friends and then had a little Easter egg hunt. By now Maya was like a pro at Easter egg hunting, she ran out to the yard and kept saying "My eggs!"

on the hunt

Maya loves "uncle nick"

and "aunt Jamie" who made a wonderul dessert

she loves bubbles

Maya and Elaina (her Easter egg hunt buddy)

goodbye hugs

Easter evening we had the priviledge of watching Brett get baptized. He was baptized when he was younger, but really felt like he had made the true decision to follow Christ later on in life and this was his way of showing that commitment.

He is risen! He is risen Indeed!

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  1. Haha, she is fearless - love the video! She is adorable. My eggs, my eggs! :)


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