Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring in Colorado

Did you know that the month of March has the greatest amount of snowfall on average in the state of Colorado? (so I have been told) Isn't that crazy? One day sunny, beautiful and 70 the next day blizzard like conditions. You really never know what to wear or what to expect. Personally I prefer the sunny days, but I don't mind a snow day either :O)
So here are a few photos to capture the month of March with Maya

During the nice days, we do fun things like: go to the park. hike blodgett trail. have a hobo lunch

On the snowy days we still do fun things like: dress up for snowy weather. watch nemo. finger paint. dance parties with static hair

Maya also got to hang out with Cousin Zack from Jeff City, he might move here, we really hope so!!
On average did you know that Colorado has 300 days a year of sun!!! or so I hear.......

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  1. Maya's March looks like so much fun! That's crazy that you get all that snow, though. Make sure you get in some pictures too, Jenni! :) My mom is hardly in any of the pics with me.


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