Thursday, January 10, 2013

January days

1. We always get a warm week in January when we are able to go outside and play, I love it!




2.  I go to Omaha tomorrow and finally get to meet baby Tatum Cz, daughter of my beloved friend Sarah Cz (oh yeah, I am just bringing baby Sarah with me :O))

3.I have had to cut Norah's hair twice since the salon (bangs & hair).  That is 4 hair cuts since December 1st!   We are trying to avoid the "bumpkin" look.  I am horrible at giving hair cuts and don't trust myself at all, but I couldn't handle it and just grabbed a pair of scissors after bath time (sorry Celine, I am sure this horrifies you)  but some how it is looking better, pics to come.
sorry Carrisa..... mom fail
 4.  I don't take many photos in January unless I go somewhere, it is nice just to take a bit of a break
I did snap a few earlier this week while we were playing
Maya Papaya
Norah after her bangs hair cut
You can finally see he top teeth coming in!
5.  I'm over winter

6.  I have been working on the 2012 photo book on Shutterfly F.O.R.E.V.E.R and I am finally in December!

7.  I have more letters to share about Darren and a surprise email I just recieved

8.  Baby Sarah is constantly making this face now
9.  We have turned Sarah's room into a playroom and having all 3 girls sleep in one room has changed my life! It is sooo much better to have all the toys in one place and all clothes in one place (pics to come on this)

10.  Whenever I go on a trip separated from my whole family I have a sinking fear that I won't see them all again, but I always do and praying that this trip will be the same.


  1. Can you do a post about your shutterfly book. I'm trying to figure out how to organize all my pictures. I started scrap booking before having kids but I'm years behind now and have so many digital pictures that just stay on the computer rarely seen. I'm thinking I would like to make somewhat of a family yearbook with all the digital pictures. Is this a yearly thing you do? What size do you find works best? How many pictures to a page? How many pages in your album? I put all of 2012 into one folder and had over 2,500 pictures but when I was looking at shutterfly it said 1,000 max. Any insight or advice would be helpful

  2. I have to say, I love the longer pieces that play around Norah's eyes. They really suit her. :-)

  3. I love all the pictures, I can't believe how big Sarah is getting! Your girls are all so beautiful. The picture with Norah and the labels made me laugh too! She's cute. :-)


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