Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few Goodlin happening in January

Hi everyone

I know this blog has been a little quieter lately, perhaps a little boring, sorry about that.  The month of January is a time I just use to take a little break from things, from the crazy business of life, from as much blogging,  from all the play dates, even from as much photographing.  I have been taking time to jut BE with my family.  Be with the girls without a camera always in their face, reading to them, playing with them and going swimming (inside of course).  And taking some time to just rest, rest and read and be refreshed.

We also might have some big changes coming up in our lives, I will share more when we better know if and when these changes might occur.
We did go to the dinosaur museum last week for Norah's class field trip.
She is growing up so much!
norah hung out with her teacher a lot, they even pushed her around in baby Sarah's stroller
what is this place mom?
my eager beaver
   Maya was completely enthralled, to my surprise!  She loved learning about all of the dinosaur facts, was at the front of the group during the tour and kept asking questions and sharing her own knowledge about dinosaurs (how does she know anything about dinosaurs???)  She even told the tour guide about the dinosaur called the "Maya-saureous" (and it did really exist).
the fossil of the dinosaur fish was found in Kansas
Sarah & Norah could really care less and I just had to keep them entertained (with no snack allowed for 2 hours.....torture!)

Brett has been a big helper around the house, he actually always is.  This is one of the biggest blessing in my life.  My husband does house work, ALL THE TIME!
doing piles of laundry
 The girls have been using their imaginations a lot, and yesterday it was playing in storage containers, they were everything from beds, to play pins, to hideouts.



Maya also got out a majority of her stuffed animals, organized them on the couch and then asked for me to take her photo.

this is probably about half of the stuffed animals....


  1. Love that last photo! Reminds me of childhood. Look forward to hearing about your upcoming life possibilities. :)

  2. How cute that Maya knew so much about the dinosaurs, I had no idea there was a "maya-saurus"! And I love that she wanted you to take her picture with her stuffed animals - so cute!


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