Monday, February 10, 2014

Levi Paul {5 months}

Levi, time just slipped away from me, and even though I took your 5 month photos a while ago I have yet to write anything about you, sorry buddy!

You are 5 months old now!!! Which is to me is the last official month of little baby, like baby baby, you know the baby that can't sit up yet and is not quite eating solids and still all baby

The 4-5 month transition was a rough one!  It was a mixture of trying to figure out what foods were bothering you and what was causing you to toss your head back and forth all night!  During the day you were a very content and happy little fellow, but something about being in your bed caused you to toss and turn and even wake up crying really hard.  It broke our hearts, just not knowing what was hurting you, it was a rough month for this mama.  I took out dairy, and for a short time even soy and peanut butter.  We took you to the chiropractor a few times which really helped, but what really helped was clearing up your case of the itchies!!!

Yep, you had bad eczema, a symptom of living in Colorado and probably the dairy.  So we basically dipped you in a vat of lotion and didn't give you a bath for a week and your eczema went away along with the tossing all night.  You hit 5 months and wahhla you are back to your Levi self.  So maybe you just didn't like being 4 months, I dunno, I am just glad you are back to yourself!

You totally love your feet, my all time favorite baby development.  You will even put your whole foot in your mouth and suck on your toe!
yep, here is goes.....
levi5months9 levi5months12 levi5months10

You turned over for the first time, from belly to back and back to belly.  But no crawling allowed buddy, at least not for a while!

You are most often refered to as "pretty baby" by non family members

 but we call you Levi-athon, (short for dinosaur), buddy, and brother.

you screech like a dinosaur, hense the biblical nickname

Everything that goes near you goes into right your mouth; toys, blankets, hair, clothes, fingers and toes

You love it when Norah talks and interacts with you, she always brightens you up in a fussy moment

You give wide open mouth slobbery kisses, and I love them.  You also smile so big everytime I kiss your squishy cheeks.  You will even be crying in your bed and if I come give you a kiss on your cheeks you stop and give me a sneaky smile

You have pooped almost every single day for the past 4 weeks, which is a complete medical miracle!

you are starting to become interested in the food we eat, but I'm trying to hold off on solids for as long as possible!

Every day all I want to do is hug you and kiss you and love you to death .......
and I do

Happy 5 months my sweet Levi Paul

And on a non related Levi note
Remember my beards for babies post?  The one were Brett is raising money for babies in the Domincan.? If you happened to make a donation can you just send me an email with your name and let me know?  You don't have to tell me the amount, we just need to make sure your donation went to the correct project, as many of the donations just went to a general compassion fund with the original link I provide.  Don't worry, your money went to compassion, we just need to make sure it was directed into the right area. email please if you donated jennirdh@gmail.  And if you haven't donated yet, you can do so with the link on my side bar, it is pointed to the right compassion fund now!

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