Thursday, June 26, 2014

A restuarant, A river, and A Rock {10 year anniversary Part 2}

Oh Oh Oh
You know our 10 year anniversary wouldn't be quite "Goodlin" style without something ungood happening.

The actual date of our anniversary was fine, but then we got to go on a date 2 days later, 
thanks to 3 amazing people who helped watch our kids and fund our night out.

And as we sit in the car about to bask in the sun and enjoy 2 hours of bliss together Brett has the most forlorn sad look on his face. 
 Sad? are you kidding me, we get to GET-A-WAY! 
 There is no room for sadness!

But then he holds up his ring-less finger!  
Yes, that's right his wedding ring-less finger on our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

You have got to be kidding me!  
I just start laughing, because, well, that is really all I have left to do in life.

I mean, it would be one thing if this was the only time in the past 10 years Brett has held up a ring-less wedding finger.  (not to mention, what are the chances it happens on our anniversary, the 10 year one)  Oh no, it's not just the first time, it's the 3rd!   And not just misplaced, but GONE, LOST, EL FIN! Three Different times! I have purchased Brett 3 wedding rings, and the 3rd one was lost on our 10 year anniversary!

Coby, keeping a close eye on the original goods
Wedding: Ceremony

Ring #1, was given to Brett on our wedding day.  Not so long after being married it was lost while Brett was working as a mixologist (fancy work for bar tender) at Red Robin.   We don't know how, there were lots of sinks, glass, water and other wet stuff, ring gone. It happens, right?

Ring # 2, was purchased immediately after the loss of Ring # 1.  A few years later, we are playing in the feather river.  Yep, one of those fun hikes down the flume to a water hole.  Brett lathers on sunscreen, takes the ring off so it doesn't slip off in the water.  Then comes back to put it back on, then goes back in the rapid water with greasy finger and wedding ring on.   And it's gone!  I just see Brett frantically combing the waters of the feather river as he knows this is the 2nd ring he has lost his wedding ring!

Ring # 3, was purchased a few weeks after said loss of Ring # 2.  Ring #3 has been the longest lived ring in our marriage as Brett  had it the whole 7 years we have lived in Colorado. 
Combine the diet changes in our family with Norah's health, leading Brett to lose about 10 pounds and a hard day working in the yard with lots of rocks and you get the loss of Ring # 3.  
So honestly, I will just blame the loss on diabetes.  It ruins everything.

Ring #4, roughly one month later has still not been purchased.  Call me a little crazy, I love my husband more than anyone, but I'm not super motivated or financially prepare to buy ring #4.

And at this rate, by our 50 year anniversary I will have purchased 20 rings, yikes!

I'm not saying I love him more or anything, but I have kept the same ring for 10 years, soooooooo just saying I probably do love him more..... 
 J/K :O)

Brett has been pretty sad about the situation.  Although I laughed, I could tell how upset he was when he realized his ring was permanently gone, again.  The devastation was  all over his face and in his words, especially on that special day.  He is a little more eager to have a ring on his finger again, and 
Wedding Portraits: Jenni & Brett

 I don't blame him. I miss being 'officially" married too

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  1. I broke my wedding ring not long after we got married and I am just now sending it away to get fixed (it was custom made) so I can understand missing a ring. I have worn my "temporary" band for almost four years now. It's not the same as not having one but I miss my wedding ring.


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