Sunday, June 22, 2014

Levi Paul {9 months}

Now that Levi is almost 10 months old, I figure, I better get in his 9 months old update!

Mr. Levi

I could really just hug and squish you ALL day!
You bring joy and smiles to my heart everyday
You love me even when I'm a terrible mother, you just love me
When people first meet your there first impression is, "oh my goodness he's so cute"  and well, I tend to agree.  Maybe they are just saying it because that it was people say to all babies, but I think you are so cute!

I mean honestly, who wouldn't want to just love this sweet face all day. You might just always get whatever you want  :O)

Baby food, that is basically completely out the window, you won't let me feed you a bite of it.  It's only real food for you.  And I'm good with that, it makes my life a lot easier, so thank you Levi.

You also flare your nostrils when trying new foods too, it must make them taste better

You love to explore my face with your index finger, you poke and prod and even stick it in my mouth (eww).  But I often see it coming for me  bending and pointing and attacking like a little weapon

You are getting up on all 4's and crawling, but you still prefer to slither around exploring the house, and yes still the toilet. Oh yes, we are in the "pull up on everything" phase.  Every time you pull up, you shake your little booty with excitement

You also like to shake your booty to music, as soon as you hear it you start moving to the rhythm.  I hope and pray that someday you will be my musically gifted child, we definitely lack that in our family and it would be fun to have that talent come out of our mathematical, symmetrical, stay in the lines genes.

You have all 4 top teeth coming in at once, which has made for some nap interruptions, but other than that you are still my happy guy

You got to meet GG!  Yep, my Grandma, my dads mom.  It was pretty special, you two bonded really well and I know you brightened her day.  And although you doesn't remember you, or even me now, I know you hold a special place in her heart.

You have some of the best facial expressions. This is one of my favorites. The "boston Face" telling us "fowget about it"
 levi9month2 A

And I'm pretty sure you don't have a night night attachment, just a " brocolli head" one, because you love and squeeze this guy to death and cuddle with him every night levi9month3

Don't ever grow up Levi
I love you

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