Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July

One of my favorite times of the year, 4th of July

We weren't able to travel to KC this year because of many reasons, so instead we brought some mid- west to us!  Our great friends from Omaha, the Cz's came to visit.  Bringing there 4 children.  You know that couple you just get, that you connect and relate with?  That is the Cz's!
 Many times when I think about hard things I have endured in life I think and remember all the Cz's have endured, it helps  me with perspective, but it also creates a bond and relationship like with have with no one else.
The excitement in our home was endless, with a few moments of chaos invovled!
Seriously it was Best weekend of my summer.  
So here is a little glimpse of our adventure.

8 kids under one roof, joy unspeakable, mostly :O)



lots of POOL time

4th201410 4th201416

Sarah wanted to model on her pink car

  4th20148 4th201413 4th2014


2 babies
  2babies 4th201419
Singing in the rain

All 12 of us!

A baby with her babies!

Favorite of the weekend
  4th201415 4th20142

 Happy 4th!

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  1. Super cute shot of Sarah at the end there... Glad to see you had time with friends who you can connect with on so many levels.


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