Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Levi Paul {10 months} and the BEARD

Oh buddy, as you grow I just want to squeeze every ounce of babiness you have left!


Every morning after you wake up I bring you into my room and we play and cuddle.  Your sisters are sleeping, daddy is usually at work, and it is just you and me kid.  It is one of my favorite times of the are just so happy to be with mommy.  I hope I can remember this moment when you are 15 and don't want anything to do with me, but that won't happen right?  you are mama's boy.

Your little teeth have come in on the top and I laugh every time I see them.  They are so cute and make you look so different!
DSC_0748 DSC_0785

You crawl and pull up on everything!

You love getting into the dishwasher cubes, everyday, over and over.  I even saw that Mallorie taped the cupboard shut one day to stop you from getting into it a million times!  You are relentless :O)

You play in the toilet like its a water bowl

You eat dirt and rocks

You play with outlets and eat charger cords

You grab your own poop

You are SOO wiggly

You are totally a boy...... and I don't know what to do

but you are so cute and cuddly too.

You lean into my me all the time, you just rest your little head on my shoulder and smile

When you turned 10 months old, so did Daddy's beard.  And since the time had come for him to end his journey of raising support for Compassion international the beard went bye bye. I shed a tear...... of Joy.  I mean, it's pretty cool your dad can grow such a beard, but I like his face and I'm glad it's back.

When you were born

At 10 months old (beard & baby)

What a difference a day makes......

Don't worry Levi, he's the same person and you love him DSC_0800 

and I love you Mr. 10 months old!

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  1. Jenni he is so cute!! I can't believe he's getting so big!! he was born on my birthday!! :)


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