Wednesday, April 8, 2015

what vacation is to me

Vacation is

falling off wagons into the mud

Sitting at the table well after the meal is finished

Naps in the car
IMG_0612 IMG_0618

Bringing exhausted kids home late from a full day

Finding hundreds of ladybugs

Grandmas slippers

Skipping Rocks

Feeding Donkeys

Hints of spring in the air

All things outdoors 
DSC_0169 DSC_0199  DSC_0176

jeffcity1 jeffcity10 jeffcity9 jeffcity7 jeffcity6 jeffcity4 jeffcity2
DSC_0151 jeffcity10

DSC_0071 jeffcity12 jeffcity11

It may not be Disneyland, which I do hope to take all the kids to someday.  But seriously, they were so happy playing outside in the mud, with animals, exploring and talking the ears off of all of their aunts and uncles. And it was all FREE!

What may not have seemed like a "fun" vacation on the outset turned into one of the best trips we have taken!

Great Grandma is so great!  I love her love for family, she spoiled us, feed us and left us wanting to come back!

So glad we got to spend sometime with a piece of Fran; her mom and siblings. 

And so glad for us right now vacation means time with family

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