Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I didn't really want to do it...

A few weeks back we had a couple from India visit our church

What they do for the kingdom is simply amazing!

Before leaving, our pastor made an announcement that anyone was welcome to have them over for dinner as they were in town for the next few weeks.

It wasn't really something that I jumped up and was so excited to do, but I knew we were suppose to invite them over for dinner

It's not that I did not want them over, we love having people over, and serving them!

I knew there would be some awkwardness, the language and cultural differences can sometimes make things feel a little more forced, but I actually welcomed that because I wanted our kids to have culture come to us, since world travel isn't currently an option for our family.

But I knew that having them over would mean that I would hear the hardness of their lives, that I would be broken, especially for the children in their orphanage.  That I would remember that we have sooooo much and how they have so very little. That I would want to give, and things are tight now.   I was welcoming something a little hard, and sometimes I just liked to dodge that bullet, but knew that wasn't what I suppose to do.

So we had them over, Sam and Cam, and I'm so glad we did!

The children in their orphanage, although they have a roof over their heads, sleep on the dirt.
For this couple to see our bunkbeds, and revel and chat and wonder if maybe someday, just someday they could have that for their children....... broken

My children did not understand, "why don't they just go buy a bunk bed?"

"Girls they don't have money for that"
"well here, they can have my money"

And so easily my children were not bound by their jar of money, it was easily given away at something they could not see, to help someone...

and here's me over here wondering when we are ever going to have enough money to finish landscaping our backyard or when I can paint the kitchen.... and my giant closet filled with crap, gross...

and Sam & Cam, they are truly persecuted, living in risk of prison or death because of what they do.

And again here's me in the corner with  my 15 Bibles that I hardly ever open...

And you know what, Sam & Cam see death and disease all the time, but they prayed for  our little Norah, they added her to their prayer chain, that God would heal her!

 wow, perspective.  I needed a little.
These people with seemingly nothing, have so much!

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the great need in the world that I freeze and do nothing..... but this is not at all what I want to do.   

I needed this reminder.  The reminder of joy that Sam & Cam have, despite their hard circumstances.  The reminder of what I really "need".
The reminder that I do not have to help the whole world, but maybe just one person.
Sam & Cam are forever etched in my heart.

If you want to learn more about Sam & Cam's ministry you can visit here

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  1. That literally brought tears to my eyes. Will be praying.


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