Thursday, May 14, 2015

Take it all out! Everything!

I am sure you all remember my last post about the missionaries from India, Sam and Cam.
And I needed some perspective about what I really need, or don't need. 

Basically I want to live more simply.

I don't want things consuming my life.

 and then I happen to see a post about a wardrobe capsule on facebook. 

I knew I had to do it, like immediately!  Little did I know one of my closets friends Heather was doing the same exact thing! Nothing like motivation when your best friend is doing it too!

It's about how less is more!  Minimilizing your wardrobe but still wearing cute things!
 With a wardrobe capsule you are able to mix and match different things together and it is based on season, which can be tricky in Colorado since the winter likes to come back out in May, so I do a blended season.

Yea so here is my closet....... totally embarrassing.  Full of crap!
IMG_0851 IMG_0854

I had to take it all out!  Everything! You have to take everything out of the closet and sift through.

Not gonna lie, there was some anxiety going on here.  What if I need 14 pairs of painting pants and 400 pairs of underwear for the apocalypse?!?!?
Really, Jen.

And then I did it.  I just started 3 piles.

Get Rid Of.
And my keep pile was super small. Phew. (its the pile on the right)

I found things that I actually wear and like and that fit me, and I kept those.
I've had a few babies, gotten a few years older and little more lumpy, time to trash the fitted shirts.

And apparently I'm some sort of bag hoarder! I had so many reusable old navy and I dunno what bags for my imaginary bag party.


Here is what my closet looks like now 
IMG_1132 IMG_1133

I used the money from the clothes that I sold to buy a few basic things. And really I didn't have to buy much bc I had plenty in my closet. I bought 3 things.  
A cute pair of jean shorts from the Banana republic outlet for $12, 
A white T-shirt for AE, for $8 
A black maxi skirt from Gap outlet for $12.  
Totally basic and simple and not expensive.

Once you complete your capsule you do not buy anymore random pieces for that season, you save money and time and most importantly it is sooo freeing!!!

This is an outfit I made with things I already owned

Ahhhh, now for the rest of my house.  
One. Bag. At. A. Time.


  1. This post cracked me up because it was like talking to you! I have been doing the same thing. I love wardrobe capsules! Go you!

  2. This is so funny, because at Christmas we house swapped with a friend in Michigan. She's always dressed so cute and fashionable...and I thought the same thing...she must have all this space and closets full of clothes...and then I got to her tiny two bedroom house, and this simple armoire that's her "closet" and full of a handle of simple pieces and some accessories. I was shocked. Right now my weight keeps fluctuating with my health problems, so I have clothes in like every size, but I seriously need to figure this out, because in my vast array of crap in the closet, I'm drowning in the "I have nothing to wear" game every day. I have a couple weeks off work right now. Hoping to tackle this!


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