Friday, August 31, 2007

first visit

Yesterday I had my first pre-natal Dr. Appt. It was a lot of blood work (about 8 viles worth), a urine sample, and a lot of questions. They estimated that I am about 9 weeks and my expected due date is April 3rd. I also have a low risk pregnancy, which is great. My mom went through 6 healthy full term pregnancies and I hope mine are as good as hers (although I don't want 6).

I also told my boss the news yesterday. I was slightly nervous, and I kept getting interrupted every time I would try to tell him, ughh it just made me more nervous. When I finally did get the chance to tell him he was so excited and congratulatory. He is so nice, I am glad I work for such a great person.

That's all for now.


  1. you could totally have an april fools baby! that would be crazy! well, whatever day your baby enters into this world, we will be so excited and so happy for you and brett! we love you both!

  2. marking the due date on my calendar! there are so many due dates, i'm liable to forget, and i'd hate to ask you a hundred times. :)

  3. i was thinking, if that approx date is correct, it is possible that your baby would be older than ours :) hehe. this is fun!!


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