Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have neglected writing the events of my life the past few weeks, so here is my update .

We had a fall fun day with A & E Hinkle, we carved pumpkins (A. Hinkle got really fancy with Scooby doo), we made taco soup, we had dessert at Amanda's Fonda (so great) and we watched Fantastic 4 on the Hinkle's projection screen. It was a great day, and Brett and I don't remember spending a whole day with friends like that since Omaha. We love being with them.

After a lovely 70 degree day we had our first snow day. It was beautiful and fun. We got Starbucks before church (yummy chai), we went to Brett's dad's, we made pumpkin bread, and then spent the evening at the Nygren's (Jacobs soon to be in-laws) playing games and eating Lasagna.

Amongst other things last week we had Brett's dad over for dinner, I made pork chops and rice, with green beans, apples sauce, and sparkling cider. Wednesday night I went to a David crowder concert in Denver with friends (Brett couldn't go :O( ). We watched the Rockies sadly loose the world series. We looked for baby furniture-so expensive. I had a random craving for a New York Strip steak (I don't even like steak normally) and I had to have it that night at a good restaurant, so we went to Salt Grass and I had my $20.99 delicious NY strip.

Jacob, Brett's brother, turned 30, we called him the 30 year old virgin, because he is, thankfully he is getting married in January and that will soon change. Noelle, Jacob's fiance threw a semi-surprise party for Jacob on Sunday night, he kind of blew his own surprise by poking and prodding and asking too many questions. It was really fun though, and Noelle made cute little goody bags with treats for everyone.

I am feeling better, eating more, rarely throwing up, all which is good. I am not showing at all though. When my Doctor told me she was pleased with the way the baby is growing, all I could think was, "are you sure it's growing?" I did get to hear the heart beat, it was so cute at 150 bpm. I haven't gained any weight, but I haven' lost more either. At night I have an odd looking outty belly button, and Brett likes to poke it and laugh. Can't wait until I have a real belly!


  1. thanks for sharing your family upadate! your pumpkin is adorable! i can't wait for you and brett to be here and we can have a friend day. we miss you two so much! did you get the little baby gift? buying tiny baby things make me want another....someday. love you and we are so excited for november!

  2. sounds like a great week! i need to update mine! no belly yet? please post a photo as soon as you get one, i bet it's so cute!

  3. You're so small; I can't believe you don't have a belly!
    Your week sounds really nice, and I'm so glad you've found a fun couple!


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