Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last weekend

Last weekend my mom came to visit. It was a short visit, but good and very needed. We were able to make a trip to her favorite store, Wild Oats, were she was able to purchase her favorite orange/green tea (yuck, no offense mom).

We spent most of her time here going through Frans clothes. Now that was a task. I don't think Fran ever got rid of an outfit since 1970, I am seriously not kidding, there was a snap at the crotch silky bright wrap around skirt disco outfit. My mom just held it up....... pause and laughter. There were soooooooooo many clothes, and I am sure that I just got rid of her favorite shirt with no hesitations. It is weird to think, I mean I would be so sad if something happened to my favorite outfit, yet in reality it doesn't really matter, I can't take it with me. It just really put things into perspective. Four hours later, with 15 large black bags of clothes to give to the needy we were not even done. I still have to do the downstairs closet. Wheww..... that is going to be hard work. Thanks for your help mom I couldn't have done it without you.

We also got to eat at Mimis, which I had been craving for weeks. I enjoyed their French toast breakfast and was completely satisfied. Sunday night we did Egyptian Ear Candles, it was very fascinating. Ear candles are an ancient home remedy, I'm not actually sure what they do other than pull tons of nasty wax out of your ears. If you haven't done them before you should try them, it is really fun and interesting.

Other events included: lots of mother daughter time talking, watching extreme makeover home edition, showing mom around the new house, mom getting me water as I was throwing up, showing her where I work and eating.

Thanks for coming mom, I had fun.

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  1. How great that your mom came! Those ear candles look funny. I'm sorry the morning sickness hasn't passed yet - bummer!!


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