Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time with E.H.

Last Friday I got to spend some girl time with my new friend E.H. We met through our husbands who know each other at work and we have been on several double dates together (Amanda's Fonda, so good). She is so cute, a first year elementary school teacher, the children totally adore her and I love her stories. It is rare that I get time with just one girl, so I was very excited!

I met at her cute new house and for the first 2 hours we stood there and talked. I don't even think we sat down, we just chatted, it was great! We decided to go get something to eat and as we were discussing where to go it was obvious that we both love Mexican food and that would have to eat at On The Border. A 45 minute wait, but for 2 chatty girls that was no problem. I got my usual, a combo with one chicken enchilada and one chicken taco. I've had no problems with Mexican food while pregnant (thank you Lord).

After dinner we went back to her house to watch a girl movie, we really wanted to get Georgia rule, but of course it wasn't out on a Friday night. We got another movie, I can't even remember the name of it (not the best movie), Claire Danes was in it that is all I really remember. E.H has a projection screen movie theater in her basement with a huge, brown, sectional, comfy couch, it was great to just sit down there even though it wasn't the best movie. So fun and she grabbed me a blanket without me saying a word ( I always need a blanket while watching a movie), thanks for reading my mind E.H!

We chatted for a few more hours after the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. I also examined the neck rash she got from a necklace that had been stuck on her neck for 6 days (she had to cut it off, sad).

8 random reasons I know E.H. and I will stay friends, besides the fact that she is great: (in no particular order)

-We both love Mexican food, especially refried beans!
-We are both former Starbucks Baristas
-We both have naturally curly hair, but tend to wear it straight
-We love to watch "What not to wear" and all of the home design shows
-We both like New Found Glory
-We get annoyed when our married girlfriends can't hang out because their husbands are home
-We both get really bored after work while waiting for our husbands to get home
-We both have 3 sisters, and a brother who has been traumatized from growing up with too many women

Looking forward to the apple farm, carving pumkins and starbucks on Saturday with you E.H.

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  1. i'm pretty sure i watched the same movie on sunday night...was it called "evening"? i didn't care for it either. i'm so glad you got some girl time with a new friend! so fun! i miss those days with you and i hope we get to catch up soon. will we still see you in november?


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