Thursday, November 15, 2007

He hear's even the little ones

Funny story from last night:

I have been bugging Brett for a few weeks now to get his hair cut. We are going to see my family in California next week (yeah, so excited), and Brett's hair has very awkward, uneven bangs, and it's just getting mangy. He usually replies, "noooo I don't wanna cut it, I'm growing it out."

So last night as we are going to bed I start to remind Brett that he should get his hair cut before we leave. He picks up the Bible and says, "Only if the chapter we read tonight mentions hair." (Okay like that is going to happen)

I tell him, "Well lets continue reading in Acts, I think I am on Chapter 18." He starts reading the chapter and suddenly it hits me, "Oh my gosh, this is the chapter where Paul cuts his hair!" I am gleaming with excitement, I cannot wait for Brett to read the hair scripture.

Then Brett stops reading and says, "Wait a second!" He suddenly realizes that this chapter mentions hair.

I start laughing and bouncing with joy on the bed. Brett starts frantically reading to look for the word "hair." Then he says, " It's not in this chapter, it's the next."

I say, "No Brett, it is in this Chapter," so I grab the Bible and start searching for "hair." Then there is glorious redemption when I see a beaming light shining down on Act Ch 18. Vs 18. ".... Before he sailed, he had his hair cut off at Cenchrea because of a vow he had taken."

Yes! God spoke to Brett and told him to cut his hair! He even answers the little prayers. Thank you Jesus. I am still smiling about it. Brett is getting his hair cut on Saturday :O)

I am really excited to go to California! We are driving there though, not fun, over 17 hours in the car with a pregnant lady, and we are going straight through! We leave Tuesday afternoon and get there Wednesday morning. Brett dreads it more than I because he knows he will drive most of the time.

Looking forward to:

-Seeing all of my family!
-In and Out Burger
-Sarah, Kevin, and Kyri
-Making Thanksgiving food
-Brett getting to spend a holiday with my family for the first time
-Grandma's house (the coolest place)
-Day after thanksgiving shopping
-Starbucks the day after thanksgiving early in the morning
-In and Out burger again, because we will go there at least twice


  1. What a funny story! Sometimes the wife is just...right. :) We will be thinking of you two next week. Josh and I are also driving straight through to MN...a few hours shorter than your trip, though. Have so much fun!

  2. what a funny, funny story! I love it!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. haaaalarious! i love it. i'm so glad you are a persistent wife when you know whats best for your husband (sometimes they need that extra nudge).

    see you wednesday! can't wait to bake with you!


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