Friday, November 2, 2007

Grade Cute

Isn't this the cutest picture! It is Brett in grade school and it makes me so happy to look at. If I were in 2nd grade I would totally have a crush on him :O)
I have my heart set on having a girl, but really after looking at this picture I would be so happy to have a boy too, especially if he looks like Brett! I love my husband.


  1. Psh! What the heck! No comments! There are comments galore on all your other posts that aren't half as awesome as this one... and nothing!

    Your friends are frauds! Who wouldn't want to say how incredibly awesome that picture is!

  2. I think it's adorable!

    And yes, very very sad about the NE game! I was worried about it, but I didn't think it would be that bad. KU has no class running up the score like that.

    I have to say that I like a baby face, but I think some guys look nice with facial hair . . like your husband. :)


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