Sunday, March 2, 2008


It was a good trip. I always love going home to see BFF and my family, this trip had an added bonus with getting to have a baby shower and see even more friends!

I stayed with BFF for 2 days, it was great! We went to Chevy's (great mexican, but horrible service that day), we made oreo lollipops, we watched Once (I feel asleep), and my favorite part was playing with 2 year old Kyri. As soon as we got home she wanted to play, running everywhere, that little girl doesn't walk, everything is running. I read to her, she poked my baby belly, we pretend painted, she served me a cup of tea, and when she woke up from nap time or bed time she would get up and say, "Jenni?" BFF has done such a great job with her, I only hope my daughter is half as great as she is. Plus Kyri already loves Mexican food and dancing, she is her mother's daughter.

Saturday, although rainy and cold was a good day because it was Maya's first baby shower. It was at my sister Carrisa's house in Chico. Carrisa, and my youngest sister Danae had worked hard on decorating and making delicious food, plus they had some of my favorite candy: runts, chewy watermelons, and sour belts. My favorite thing was the home-aide pink and brown polk-a-dot cake.

Everything was so cute and perfect Maya loved it! Almost every person who was invited to the shower came! It was about 26 people, which was a big surprise, since I was expecting a small gathering. It was great to see so many friends, and family (my mom, aunt, cousin, grandma, and sisters all came) it was such a blessing.

At times it was overstimulating, or even slightly overwhelming, there were just so many people to talk to and play catch up with in 5 minutes, whew. There were 3 other pregnant friends there, a few babies came, and even my old boss. I loved seeing everyone and wouldn't have changed it. I think I did forget a few times that I had to pee, and by the end of the shower my bladder was in explosion mode. Maya received some wonderful gifts and I can't wait to use, try on, and play with them all. Having a girl is a lot of fun!

After the shower I met up with an old college/high school friend and his wife (who is also expecting). We went to Plutos, my mom and youngest sister joined us and we all enjoyed huge customized delicious salads. It was fun catching up, exchanging gifts, and talking with another expecting mother (who by the way is totally adorable).

Sunday, was again pouring rain, but I was able to attend my old church and visit with an old friend, Chandra. We were able to eat at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Meehos, I enjoyed my usual bean and cheese burrito.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with mom, baking cookies, making dinner, and getting a migraine and throwing up. The latter portion was not very fun I just think my body had over done it. I can't wait to go back with Maya!


  1. Oh Jenni, it looks like it was so great! That is a lot of people that came, wow. I just wish I could come to one of your showers.

  2. yeah for updates. you are so close friend!


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