Monday, March 24, 2008


Is it wrong to be so picky about my hair? I mean, as it is I am not fond of my random curly, dry, dishwater blonde, mess of hair. It is just hard to do, it doesn't look good curly and takes a long time to straighten and there are always dark roots. I mean I could just dye it brown, but I look unhealthy with it brown and keeping it blonde, well that gets expensive. To top it all off I feel like I can't trust anyone to cut my hair because somehow a trim will turn in a botch. What is it about hair stylist straightening curly hair, somehow it can't be done.

Well I finally had it with my hair. I am having a baby in 4 weeks and I had to have some sanity and feel semi-good about myself while going through labor. Plus I hadn't had my hair cut since November and just about every end was split. I went with my friend emily's recommendation since her hair always looks cute and it is naturally curly, plus she doesn't have to spend $130 for a cut and color.

So I went to see Jennifer, expecting that I would leave the appointment with the usual stress of wanting to straighten my hair right away and wishing I didn't have one short random layer. I was pleasantly surprise. She did a good job, she did highlights, a trim, thinned it out and fixed some of my previous mess ups. And the shocker, she was actually able to straighten it and I didn't have to fix a thing when I got home. The bonus of it all was that the total was $ 74.00 ($90 with a tip). I thought that was a good price, compared to what I have payed in the past (Brett thought otherwise). I wouldn't go as far as to say it was the best hair cut I have ever had (only Ali could achieve that). Being the picky person that I am, it is a little lighter than I wanted and a few of the underneath hairs are a little bit blotchy, but overall I would go back to her for sure.
I don't have a great picture of my new cut, so here is a picture of me and my friend Jamie, who is due just a few weeks after me (my new cut and color are in the picture).


  1. I love it! But of course I really always think your hair looks nice. I usually hate mine, too.

  2. very cute, jenni! your hair always looks so stylish and cute. i need a new style for the summer...what do you think?

  3. i am shocked that you were pleased with anyone but ali. good for you. it looks cute! londyn is so amazingly beautiful. we said that she takes the best photos... and then the three of us said, well at least until brett and jenni's baby is born. that baby will knock the camera back like her parents. your baby will be the most photogenic baby ever! love you!


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