Saturday, March 29, 2008

target gift cards

Wouldn't you agree that target gift cards are one of the best things ever! I mean who wouldn't want one. You can find anything at target, cute clothes, groceries, bathroom supplies, picture frames, you name it, target has it!

I have had the luxury of being able to use target gift cards these past few weeks for baby items and it is great to come home with much needed supplies without any money coming out of our bank account. We were able to get a crib mattress, a first aide kit, socks, baby headbands, and just a lot of little odds and ends we needed.

We are pretty much set for the baby, except we don't have our travel system yet (car set, stroller, carrier), yikes! It's pretty expensive, and we don't have quite enough money to pay for it yet so we are waiting for the 10% discount babies R us offers 2 weeks before your due date. Hopefully she doesn't come early because you can't bring the baby home from the hospital without a car seat.

I know God is faithful and will provide. Actually, we just got a check from Brett's grandma which will really help with the purchase of the travel system. We have been blessed with many things for Maya, and I am so thankful!

36 weeks!

Only 3 weeks left! We are praying that Maya will come April 18th (my mom will be here and it will maximize my maternity leave). My Dr. thinks she will be a 7 to 7.5 pound baby, but she said she wouldn't be surprised if I had a 9 pound baby! (no thanks, yikes)


  1. you are just as cute as can be! i can't believe baby maya will be here in 3 weeks! we will be waiting patiently for that very special phone call when she arrives :) enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant...she'll be here before you know it!

  2. wow! jenni you are looking so great! i can't wait to see your bundle of joy! i love the updates friend!

  3. She's coming so soon! I just saw Londyn this weekend, and I thought about how badly I wish I could see Maya in person when she is born.


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