Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Photos

We took our family photos in December and our amazing photographer and brother, Jacob and his wife, Noelle took our photos. I couldn't have asked for a better pair to take our pictures. I was very nervous that Maya would just want to run around and not cooperate and that it would be a stressful time, but it was the opposite. Maya did awesome, I think it really helped that it was uncle Jacob and Aunt Noelle taking the photos because she knew them. It was the perfect snowy day, and we went to the Broadmoor, one of the most known and beautiful hotels in Colorado. I really want to enlarge one into a canvas for the living room, but can't decide yet, let me know if you have a favorite!

We are so thankful for Jacob and Noelle, didn't they do a great job! We are going to miss them so much, they are moving to Cambodia in March and they are going to serve Jesus with an organization called In His Steps. If you want to find out more click here Jacob and Noelle
I tried to get a photo of Maya with her aunt and uncle and this was the best I could do


  1. These pictures turned out fabulous! If you want to do one of all three of you for the canvas I vote for the one with Maya swinging or the one with her pulling your scarf. So gorgeous!

  2. I vote to "Canvas" the back and white one with Maya swinging, it looks so modern and artistic, but adorable too. They all turned out great, seriously you all are so lucky to have them for photo taking, I dread getting pictures done at a studio a paying a fortune for so-so pics!! Really wish we too, had a family photographer so close!!


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