Sunday, January 31, 2010

Loving the One's

I love the age of "ones" it is so fun! Maya learning how to walk, run, talk, eat on her own, sleep well, and show her little personality has been so much fun! I can't imagine another age being more fun, but I am so excited for the next stage.

Today at church we had to drop Maya of in the 2 year old class because her class was closed and I felt a bit of sadness....... my little Maya can't go in the 2 year old class yet, she still has 2.5 months left of being 1 and I want to enjoy every bit of it!

I love doing Maya's hair. She has not had it cut yet, and I am not sure when that will happen. Sometimes her hair can be really crazy though, especially after naps, like this photo

but I also love doing her hair in pigtails like these

Right now Maya is really into babies! She wants to dress them, feed them, have to ride in the car seat, and put them to sleep, tonight she even brushed her babies teeth. I love seeing the motherly side come out at such a young age, she is such a girl and I love it!

Maya also loves to color! We are still working on coloring in the lines..... but otherwise she is doing a great job!

Maya doesn't always like daddy...... we are still working on that too. This weekend she was very insistent that he ride down the slide right next to her.

Words, Maya has new words all the time! I can't even keep track of them all, but it is so fun to hear what she is going to say. She loves to say "Gecko" and show me the little lizard creature in her animal book everyday! Some new words she also loves to say:
Nimo (for Elmo and Nemo)
No mine (not so new, just an everyday phrase)

and many more, those are just some of my favorites!

Right now Maya is really into firmly pointing her finger when she wants me to sit somewhere. Like when we ride in the car and daddy drives she really wants me to sit by her so she says "mom!" and she firmly points to the seat by her. This photo is Maya telling me she wants me to come in the bathroom

I still love watching Maya sleep, it is one of my favorite things! One night we walked into her room and she was sleeping like this

We like going to Starbucks together, it's not very often, so it's very special. Maya thinks she is having a special drink because it's in a cup like ours, but all it really is is water.

and there are so many other wonderful moments, you should come hang out with Maya for a day, you would have so much fun! See


  1. So cute!! I wish I could come spend a day with Maya again! :)

  2. She is so adorable, goodness I cannot wait to see her again in person, she is so loveable!! Oh and we were just gifted those same brown pajamas with multi-colored hearts for Chloe, very cute!!

  3. every picture she just gets cuter and cuter!


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