Monday, January 4, 2010


We love Villa Sport!
It was so fun in the summer for us as a family and it is still so fun in the winter with their indoor splash park! We go there almost every Sunday and it is a great way for Maya and Daddy to spend time together.
Maya loves the water, she could be in it all day if we let her. She is fearless.
She goes down the water slides all by herself and not just this little one in the photo below, but the fast tube slides (they are even fast for me).
(just finishing her trip down the big slide all by herself)

It is fun in the water, but we have to watch her like a hawk, no relaxing at all. She has so much fun though, I love hearing her squeal and seeing all of her excitement!

Come on Daddy, lets go!

The indoor pool makes me more excited for the outdoor summer pool!
and for moments like these....

Maya in action

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