Sunday, July 25, 2010

maybe knocked down, but not out forever

I am feeling better this week.
I went back to work, started working out and just started life back up.
I feel hopeful inside for what God has in store for us,
but I still have moments of sadness for our loss.
I have received more notes, cards and encouraging words this week and even a cute dress in the mail for Maya!!

On Friday we got to hang out with Bennett and Emily at Villa. We loved it! I have been wanting to go to Villa with them all summer and we had such a great time, I don't think Bennett ever wanted to leave. I think Maya loved having Bennett, because she pretty much ALL of his snacks.

We had a family movie night on Friday, we blew up the air mattress and put it on the living room floor, Maya totally loved it! We watched the movie "Bolt" and now Maya asks for family movie night all the time!

I think Maya makes me laugh just about everyday. She can say everything!! I love it!
Some of the fun things Maya says:

"Daddy kiss my booty"
"Oh dear....."
"no I didn't toot, I farted!"
"mommy pedicure please"
"go away daddy"
"this is love calling, love calling" (she sings this to me, so sweet)

Maya wants to wear the slippers grandma made her everyday, even to the pool

Maya saying "Yeeehaw, as she rides the hamper"

When we pray for Maya each night we pray that Jesus would give her the fruit of the spirit. One night I realized she has memorized almost all of them. It is so sweet to hear her say each of them. For self control, Maya says "troll"
Here is a short video of her saying them

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control

This is a photo of Maya 1 year ago, she look so different

i love her


  1. Norah looks a lot like Maya did a year ago. Awww cute cousins!

  2. that is the cutest video! It's crazy, but I definitely remember things my mom taught me at a young age, like memory verses and certain stories. I'm glad you are beginning to feel better.


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