Sunday, August 1, 2010

the Spahns

I love including friends in blog posts ( I hope they don't mind). We have lots of wonderful friends here in Colorado, the Spahns included.

The Spahns have been in our small group for years, but we have gotten to know them a lot better this summer, especially since they have a little girl, Taysen, that Maya loves to play with. The Spahns are so fun and what we love best is that they like us too!! They are so good at inviting us, and including us and really making us feel like great friends. And when we are together it is easy, natural, not awkward and always fun. Just a bonus is the fact that we all love Old Chicago!

Heather, is my personal favorite Spahn ( I love Chris and Taysen too) but Heather I can relate to most. She would do anything in a heartbeat for me, even though she has the craziest, busiest schedule out of anyone I know. She usually calls me weekly and is so great at keeping up with people ( a quality I wish I had). She is honest, totally organized, continually learning and seeking the Lord and she is a wonderful mother (just to name a few).

Just recently, knowing that I needed some girl time, Heather treated me to a pedicure. It was another reminder of they great support and friendship we have had after loosing our baby. After our pedicure we decided to take the girls up to the Childrens Museum in Denver with the boys.

The Childrens Museum is a great place for toddlers. The girls has so much fun! They got to go inside a fire truck, play in children's land, shop in a miniature grocery store, play in a bubble room, do art, and have a dance party. Everything was set up for their age. We will be back again. Of course the day wouldn't have been complete with out some ice cream.

Here are some of the photos from the day.

Our little train conductors.
Maya kept saying "All Aboard"

Mini Whole Foods Grocery Store
Maya's Favorite

Blowing Bubbles
Bubbles! Bubbles!

My little artist
Little Dance Studio

Taysen is a Daddies girl

Great ending to a great day

what a short video of Maya dancing

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  1. Hey Jenni! I found your blog today...and what a treat! You have some great pics on here...what a sweet family you guys have. I'm glad I've found another way to get to know you better! AND to see how creative you are! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better, even though I know it's probably still hard some days. God has GOOD things in store for you!


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