Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Plane

We have had a crazy/busy week in Southern California! Lots of fun, and lots of activities. We are still in California, but up North now with my parents and I have had just a few moments to breathe.

Let's talk about how we got to California though, because that seemed to be the topic of all conversations this week.  Yes, me flying alone with 3 small children. 

It was NOT easy, and it really wasn't fun, but it was not as bad as people make it out to be either.  The thing is, the airlines allow for someone to come with you past security if you need help, so Brett was able to help us through (seriously the HARDEST part since I have to practically undress myself and all of my children).

There were a few things that were essential to surviving the plane/airport
1. A non-stop flight
2. Treats, lots of treats and snacks
3. Technology
4. Strangers help (yes I totally rely on this)
5. Starbucks cards (which you can read about here)

Brett had a special gift for the girls before we left
waiting for it......

so excited

ipad & ipod (this is how I survived, seriously!)

just before Brett left

The Hard Part
Brett stayed with us until just before we were suppose to board our flight, but the thing is we didn't board....... and we didn't board.......and we didn't board.  We weren't told anything except that they were trying to fix something on the plane.

The girls trying to see what is wrong with the plane

Brett is gone, time is ticking and the girls are getting more and more restless.  I had to do a round of potty breaks and diaper changes by myself since we waited over an hour. 

Finally they just moved us to a different gate for a different plane, so I had to tote the whole crew, and try to handle one child's melt down in the middle of it.  And of course as we were handing the flight attendant our boarding pass the same child decided to have another meltdown (now everyone around is judging me).  Then as I was dropping off the stroller and baby car seat by the gate, with baby in arms and trying to get 2 toddlers to stay close by me, no one thought to be considerate and help me, they just decided to cut in front of me in line, so I had to go even further back on the plane. .........sigh.  I got many of the "you are totally crazy" looks.  I'm also pretty sure people picked several rows behind us to sit, because there was NO one around us on the plane!  So much for help..... not to mention buckling a 2 year old in with an airplane seat belt is not easy while holding a baby, especially when she keeps unbuckling it on purpose.  At this point I am not feeling so great about being by myself..... and yes I am sweating.

It wasn't so bad though, things could have been much worse!

The Easy Party
Flying on the plane.  Thanks to technology and a semi short flight (2.5 hours) it was pretty easy.  I kept my hooter hider on to nurse Sarah in case she got fussy (which she really didn't). 

It was just really hard to reach anything or help the girls with a baby in my arms in a small space.  Sarah pooped once, and I had to change her on my lap and pray that she didn't pee on me.  The girls did fine,  in fact, it was pretty non eventful, I just made sure they were happy with snacks and whatever they needed.   I gave lollipops to the girls as we descended because they weren't allowed to have their ipod/ipad on and to help their ears.  My mom was able to meet us right at the gate when we landed and wahla, we survived!!!

Hi Grammy, I have chipmunk Cheeks

Now on to 5 non-stop days of the beach, a small town, a boat, a wedding, and more driving.


to be continued......


  1. Way to go, Jenni. Honestly, I can't believe no one stopped to even offer their help as you were boarding. :( It's those kinds of moments that I always want to remember when my kids are grown...to remember that feeling of..'Help me!!" You should be so proud of yourself and the girls for taking on such a feat. : ) Enjoy your time in CA!!

  2. You are awesome Jenn. I look forward to hearing more. :)

  3. Jenni, Wow, this is really encouraging. At the end of May I will be traveling back to America with my 4 kids (they will be 5, 3, 2,& 6 months). I'll be traveling back with some friends, so it will make the journey a bit easier but there's nothing like having BOTH parents on such adventures! Thanks for tidbits of advice, I think they'll come in handy. Blessings! Sandy (Derrenberger) Ozdemir

  4. Awwww, it's hard when your child is having a meltdown and people just throw judgmental looks. :-( Even the most laid-back kiddos have their moments!

    I'm very impressed though! And relieved for you that things went overall pretty smooth. :-) Will be praying for an even smoother return trip!


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