Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sarah {8 months}

I was just telling Brett that Sarah is pretty much 1 years old now that she is 8 months old.  He politely told me to stop freaking out, because she really is only 8 months old.  Ahhh just trying to soak in the babiness

Sarah, I missed one whole week of your live this past month, and for a baby that is a whole lot!

You love playing peak-a-boo with your clothes in the morning, it makes you giggle every time!

 You bang on your tray when you want more food (so polite)
You love puffs and could probably eat like a million of them

You have really been saying, "mama mama"

You are very silly, always making me laugh

You are not crawling yet (thank goodness) but you some how move about.  I will set you in one spot and moments later you are in a completely different spot.

You eat a lot and have even gotten a hold of a chocolate chip cookie......whoops (you little swiper)

You love dada and always smile when you see him

You are actually very special to many people 
LOVE this photo

When I hold you on your feet all you want to do is jump and jump
You love the pool, just like your sisters
You talk and chatter all the time. 

Your favorite thing to do is just sit on the floor with toys.

 You are still taking 3 naps a day and eating 4 times a day.  You sleep very well (about 12 hours) and are still very predictable.


You are, as I always say, "such a delight"!  If I knew all babies were going to be like you I would have 3 more.

I had so much fun taking your 8 month photos because you just loved the basket and wanted to keep playing there





Look at how you have grown! Sarah's month progression1

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