Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On another blog!!

I am back in the states, tired, busy and I have so much to write about!  But today I am being featured in this blog! I can't believe I am being featured somewhere!! It is practically like I am famous!! Or, not really at all...... Sigh

 Anyway, Callie is another really sweet hygienist and has the sweetest little boy, she does a post every week about moms and their babies and features a different blogger, and this week it is me!  so check out her blog to see what I had to say ( I think I wrote half of it asleep so if it doesn't make sense that is why).  you can also check meet one of my favorite little girls I met on the trip, her name is Princessa (who wouldn't want that name?), she was seriously so beautiful and so sweet

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  1. I enjoyed the interview you gave to Callie. Welcome back to the USA. Princessa is very darling. I can see how you would be attracted to her. Have a good rest of the week, Jenni, it will be so busy for you. Hugs.


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