Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sarah {16 months}

I thought it was appropriate that we do a little Sarah update, it's been a while and she is to cute to not give updates a least occasionally now :O)

You are still our little comedian.  Constantly making us laugh with your little faces and antics like putting things on your head to get attention and laughing robustly as you hear someone else laugh.

You love to get on stools, couches, beds, anything that involves climbing.  This can be a bit more stressful for me as I am always worried you will fall, but I love your fearlessness.

You have 6 total teeth, finally, but you will eat anything. Although you prefer sweets. You freak out when we say the word "cookie" and in a panic your start saying, "tee tee, tee tee" because you want one soooo bad! Speaking of teeth you love to brush yours!!  (that's my girl!)

You have many words, which include:
mimi (milk)
mew mew (our cats name)
no no no 
pease (please)
oww (when we brush your hair)
owl (apple)
owlp (help)
tic tic (for the blow up game when play during clean up)
baa (bath)

Whenever I am in the kitchen, typically making dinner, you want me to hold you.  You play with your sisters and toys all day long and the minute I step into the kitchen to make dinner you need me :O) but how can I say no to this sweet face?

This is what your hair looks like in the morning or after nap.... DSC_0003

You let your sisters know when you don't want them near, by pushing them or being very vocal, but mostly you want to do whatever they are doing ALL THE TIME!

You love blocks and toys that stack.  You get really frustrated when you can't get a toy through the right shape hole or stacked the right way, you start banging it and make frustration noises.   You are a determined little one (just like your mama)

You LOVE baths!! If I even say the word "bath", you are on your way upstairs headed toward the bathroom.  You love the running water in the bath and the instant I turn the water off you cry, Everytime.

And you just love wearing this helmet. It is probably safer anyway, right?
 But every time you put it on to just play it makes me smile





 Sarah there is so much about your that makes your dad and I laugh and smile. You are the first of my children who I have really gotten to see grow up in these baby stages, since I worked so much more when Maya was a baby, and I was only Norah's aunt during her baby stages. I have loved every minute! It is bitter sweet to know some of what I missed out on with your sisters, but I love soaking up every minute with you. Thank you for reminding this family what joy is and how to laugh and love unconditionally. 
I love you,


  1. Such a sweet post, Jenn. You're a great mom to your girlies.

  2. She is so incredibly sweet! It's fun to see updates since my youngest is just a few weeks older than her, so they are at the same place developmentally. Alexis is also in the stage where she pushes a stool around the house to get into things. The stool doesn't make me nervous, but when she decides to make shift a stool with some not very sturdy toy, then mama's blood pressure goes up!

  3. Beautiful post! And her wearing that helmet is too cute!!


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