Sunday, September 29, 2013

What having 4 kids is like

Everyone seems to be asking me, "so what is it like having four kids?"  I don't know if they really care to know or if that is just the question you ask a mom with four kids, either way it is getting asked a lot!

Yes, I have 4 children, ages 5 and younger.
why don't we all just laugh at that statement for a few seconds..........

Yep, still funny and totally daunting! 

Who am I?

Remember, I totally threw out the idea out the window years ago of my "white picket fence" life with 2 children, but still to ever picture my life with 4 children ages 5 and younger, yeah I didn't picture that either.  I am "that mom"  The one you all look at  in the grocery store with wide open eyes in astonishment, thinking to yourself, "that mom is crazy, wow, does she have her hand full!"  Yep, that's me and I'm good with it, crazy stares and all.  I signed up for it, well most of it....

And I am not alone.  I know lots of families with 4 children.  Lots of my Omaha friends actually, many of them have 4 young children!  Maybe I should move back to Omaha........ 
Na,  I will just stay here and be ostracized

To answer the question,
"what is it like having 4 kids?"
I can't give you a realistic answer yet for 2 reasons.
One, my mom has been here for a whole month basically doing everything for me, including taking care of me while I am sick.  I am sure she has been thrilled to pieces basically taking care of 5 children while she has been here, a wonderful vacation. 
 She has truly been amazing though, a total rock star, and so many of my friends who have had babies have not had this great blessing like I have and I am so grateful!

Helping Grammy

Number 2 reason I don't know reality yet is just my sickness.  I haven't had a cough this bad since any of my children have been alive, so I don't think being sick like this is reality either.

My Mom leaves on Tuesday morning, yikes, sad, and exciting all at once. Anyone want to come live with us?  I am excited to get in my groove, and settle into a good routine.  I will miss my mom like crazy though, not just from her help, but just being near her and her daily company.   The girls love her to pieces so her presence in general will just be missed.

4 is harder, I mean that is the obvious answer.  Adding another child into the dynamic isn't going to be instantly easy, but I love having our little man here.  I love his presenceDSC_0987

I love the interaction that his sisters have with him.  They love him.  And do you know who is the most interested in Levi right now?  Baby Sarah.  She always points him out, brings me things while I am nursing and when he cries she says with concern, "broder crying." 

And Maya, she totally adores him and wants to hold him and have me take pictures of them
DSC_1074 DSC_1106 DSC_1078

And Norah just wants to hold, and squeeze and love Levi to death, which reminds me so much of her mommy Carrisa, but if she could she would be with him all day.

And then there is Brett, there is nothing like a father and son together .....sleepingDSC_0994

But I will let you know in about another month, how it is "really" going, you know without a built in Grammy.

Yep we have 4 kids, 5 and under, and I love them all!






  1. I like how my beard hides my fat neck

  2. You will do great! I had 4 that were 5 and under, and we're still surviving (at times). lol You and Brett will be awesome, and you'll look back one day and say " Hey.....we had this! "

  3. I hope you feel better soon...thank god for your mom helping...:-)


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