Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sarah turns 2 {Donuts & Milk}

My baby girl turned 2 at the end of September!

I often think the Lord totally knew what he was doing when he gave us Sarah.  Well, of course He did! 

She is always a bright spot in my day, making me laugh with her easy going and bubbly personality.

She reminds me to not always take things so seriously and that although life can be hard, it can also be filled with joy.  She has a way of always being light-hearted in all situations.  Even when she walks, she is always bouncing!

She is constantly making me laugh, even when she is being naughty

She bounces and skips her way into time out and then sings while she sits there.    When we go to speak to her about her disobedient behavior, she waves (with her whole body) and smiles and says, "Hi Mama, Hi Dada"

She threw a coloring book toward me the other day and I told her, "Sarah don't throw!" and she looked at me and replied, "No My Funny!" 

When I told her we needed to put on her diaper and jammies she said, "no no no, NAKED NAKED NAKED! and bounced around the house.

Oh and she grabs her booty and exclaims, "Booty! Booty! Booty!" while shaking it

Oh dear..... what am I going to do with my comedian

She always says, "wuv you mama" and it just melts my heart.

I love her

We had a little Donuts and Milk party for her to Celebrate her 2nd birthday, thanks to the idea of my friend Celine.   It was simple and easy, no cupcakes or cake or anything difficult, just Donuts and Milk and lots of cute kids.
DSC_1130 DSC_1119 DSC_1126

I only spent about $3 on decorations (just 6 pieces of scrap booking paper, utilized to the max)

We had lots of Donuts
DSC_1122 DSC_1200

and chocolate milk from Costco DSC_1123

She is obsessed with milk!

 The Kids made some fruit loop necklaces DSC_1132 DSC_1202 DSC_1213 DSC_1206 DSC_1205 DSC_1220 DSC_1227

singing to my birthday girl DSC_1175 DSC_1178

 DSC_1233 DSC_1232

My Princess, the birthday girl Sarah, letting me know that these are her cheeks! DSC_1224

So Thankful for her!


  1. You throw such fun parties. You could seriously open a party decor business. ;) you are such a great mom, Jenn. I admire you from afar!

  2. What a lovely fun party. I agree with Callie and Diane, how creative and colorful! I love that last picture with her tiny painted nails and she is pinching her cheeks... Hahaha. Thanks for sharing your fun.

  3. Great idea!!! Yummm I love donuts! Hahaha I would make that my own theme party for my birthday haha


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