Monday, April 7, 2014

Levi Paul {7months}

You just grew up so much this past month!  I can't help but want to hug and squeeze every ounce of babiness you have left because to soon it will all be gone :(

You got to see California for the first time this past month and you loved it!  You were so flexible and easy, basically the entire trip.  You loved being outside, in the warmth, looking around and observing everything! You also loved napping in your stroller under the warm sun, some days you would just sleep for hours like that.  I'm sure it's because of that California blood flowing inside of you!
DSC_1173 california11

You especially loved this sweet girl in California, and somehow you look alike, even though you are not related

You do a combat army roll just about everywhere!  I have know idea how you get from place to place, but you move everywhere on the ground without crawling!

You "roar" and "screech" just like a boy, I love your sounds they crack me up and I love that you just have them, because your sisters certainly didn't teach you how to make those sounds!

You love to eat! You are even staring to pick up a few foods and eat them.  You even love brocolli!

You also finally started going longer between feedings, which has been great for everyone!

You sometimes cry when I'm out of sight, it is both sad and endearing, you are a mama's boy and I'm soaking in every ounce of it.

You often play with my hair while nursing.

You are also the worlds most distracted nurser.  Things that cause you to stop nursing include:
-your sisters or anyone person being in the same room
-me speaking any words
-my let down not happening in 2 seconds
-the heater clicking on
-me picking up my phone or a book to read
-basically any sound or movement happening around you. 

I'm not even sure how I'm still nursing you with all of my diet restrictions and your distractions.  It is a complete miracle from God that I still have milk!  We just go behind closed doors often, but to be honest I don't mind the few minutes of peace and quite with just the two of us (that is until I can hear one of your sisters crying or fighting).

You have to best open mouth smile charming every person you flash it too

You are my handsome boy

  Happy squirmy 7 months Levi
 levi7months2 levi7months

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  1. Time goes by too fast, doesn't it? Watching all the babies in my friends' and family's life is such a blessing...just crazy how fast they grow up! So glad you have a boy to cherish now too. :)
    Think of you often and pray for your family all the time.


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