Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm going Loco

I'm totally going Loco and here are my 10 reasons why

1. I lose my phone about 45 times a day and have NO idea where it is!

2. I have forgotten to give Norah her insulin (more than once), you know that life saving medicine of hers........... #worstmom

3. Staring at the wall feels like bliss

4.   I thought Sarah had diabetes one day when she had to pee 5 times, I even checked her blood sugar

5.  97, 122, 67, 169, 84 these kinds of numbers fill my mind ALL day!

6.  I laughed when I realize Sarah is most likely lactose intolerant

7.  I say things like, "oh that medical bill isn't to bad, it's only like $800"

8.  I have forgotten groceries in the bottom of the cart not once, twice, or even three times, how about four!

9.  I'm eating something called "hemp seed" and enjoying it

10.  and  I'm actually going to attempt to stay in a best western hotel for 3 days with only 2 double beds,  no type of kitchen or refrigerator, with all 4 of my children ages 6 and under, 3 of which have special dietary needs and one who poops her pants everyday, while my husband is reffing soccer non stop


At least this tiny man is so very adorable


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  1. Reasons your kids will be WONDERFUL adults. You teach/model
    Just Do It
    Family First
    Laugh, laugh, laugh


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