Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Levi Paul {11 months]

Can we just sit back and all shed a few tears..... this will be my last monthly baby post, most likely ever,!
(some of you might be excited about that though!)

Levi is 11 months, this is it folks.  The time has come to end this baby journey in our family, it is bitter sweet in a million ways  (although, who knows what God will do in our lives).

Levi, my little peanut, you only weight a whopping 16 lbs at 11 months old.  You have stayed on your growth curve, so the Dr is not really worried, but she said she wouldn't mind if I fed you butter and coconut oil :O)

I am amazed that I have nursed you this entire time, although I'm not that amazed since you won't drink form ANYTHING else, no bottle, no cup, no straw.  
If I try to give you a cup you just throw it at me........yep

You are completely relentless.  That is your word my Levi, "Relentless."  My goodness I don't know what to do with you!  You go up the stairs, play in the toilet, eat cat food, put legos in your mouth,  eat rocks, play with the door stopper, and do anything that is basically dangerous and naughty.   I seriously can't leave you for more than 30 seconds or it's trouble and now your big sisters are in school I don't have my constant Alarm, "Mommy, Levi's playing in the toilet again!"  
And even if I close all of the toilet lids, you start playing with the toilet bowl brush, which is like A MILLION TIMES WORSE!  Oh my word, you are not phased when I tell you No, or try to distract you, or squeeze your hand, you just keep going back, you are just so relentless and so fast too! 

on your way to do something naughty

and you found it.....
I'm hoping the Lord will someday use this trait in you, being relentless, the one thing that seems so difficult right now, maybe you will use later in your life, to never give up and to keep going for your dreams, but for now could you just be a little less relentless on the naughty stuff?

And Levi, I don't think you have ever been interested in baby toys, you just totally bypassed that and started playing/destroying your sisters pet shops.

You are still my #1 cuddler and mama's boy though.  
You cuddle me like no other child has, you snuggle against me, hug me, and give me open mouth kisses.  
I love your affection. And I love that you love me so much.

but seriously you aren't a baby anymore, just look at these photos
levi11 months DSC_0445 DSC_0426

 My secret helper for every monthly photo, seriously this girl can make him laugh and smile like no one else!

 Although you are almost not a baby, you will always be my baby (do do do, uh, do do do ti do ti uh)


  1. I love the picture with the cat, that is so adorable! Happy 11 months, Levi :)

  2. I can't believe he is 11 months old! He is so cute!


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