Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I just had my 33rd birthday

Brett got me NEEDTOBREATHE tickets for this summer at the Red Rocks outdoor amphitheater! DREAM COME TRUE!
I'm kind of dying from excitement about it!

A friend stopped by in the morning with a gift and stayed, which was just as good of a gift! 
Those are my favorite types of friends.  
The ones that come and stay unexpectedly!

2 More friends came by with lunch and just spent time with me and made me a delicious deep dish cookie pie!

We spent the evening watching Maya's school performance....
IMG_0182 IMG_0193

Friday, I had a small valentine party with a friend who shares my California heart, we both sighed at the thought of a nice Spring time..... only in Cali
DSC_0552 IMG_0197 DSC_0564

I squeezed in as many free meals as I could from all my birthday coupons.  Red Robin, yes please.  Qdoba, I'll take that.  Free starbucks, of course!

We were invited to a game night on Valentines evening.
 It was so good to be invited somewhere!
And eat tri-tip!

Papa & Yami watched the kids on Sunday afternoon so Brett and I could have a date.  We both ate very quickly and then went grocery shopping....

I woke up Monday morning with a lovely message from a friend.    I had one of the biggest gifts in my life ever this past January!  I got to be with my friend Celine as she gave birth to her 4th baby!  I was able to do photography and videography and she wrote about it all here!
It was one of my favorite moments in life!

I was with who I loved most.  It was simple.  It was loving.  It was a good birthday weekend!

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  1. I love your posts, Jenn. Glad you had a good birthday with great friends to share it with. You're an awesome mom.


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