Monday, February 2, 2015

learning something new

It's February, Hoorah!!

I always feel like January just trudges along so slowly.  Like I'm going uphill in a paddle boat in the snow and I'm never going to feel warm again.

I wanted January to feel more purposeful.  To do something outside myself.  To learn something new.

So I decided to make use of free pallet wood.  Which fits in perfectly with our budge of $0 for crafting and home projects.

So I did it.  I found a place with free pallet wood.  Even getting the wood myself was outside my comfort zone..... I'm in introvert at heart

I tried demo-ing the first pallet with a few crow bars and hammer as suggested pinterest.

I discovered that after about 20 minutes I was a very hostile person to be around and I had only taken one nail out!


that's not happening, so I tried to figure out a better way to demo a pallet and discovered the Sawzall!  It's basically just as tough as it sounds.

Now power tools...... yeah that is WAY outside my comfort zone.  I mean I used dainty and delicate hand tools all the time as a hygienist. But power tools,  VERY DIFFERENT!  I'm pretty sure it was the best day of my husbands life when I asked him to show me to use a power tool, none the less a sawezall!  Ha!  It shook my entire body and even rattled my brain.  It was intense!
DSC_0208 DSC_0211

But it took apart the whole pallet in about 5 minutes! Score

Then I learned to use the nail gun and sander and started my first sign project

I stained the wood and started the wording (using a crayon transfer technique), I just haven't finished it quite yet.

We also started a wine rack, which I'm very excited about! Brett is working on that one DSC_0488 
 I do want to write something on the top wood piece of the wine rack but I'm not sure what to write, would love suggestions, that aren't to corny.

Oh and years ago I was inspired by this blog to put this up on my wall! I have been wanting to do it for years, but was so nervous to permanently attach photos to my wall, so I just bought a cheap piece of paneling and attached it to the wall and mod podged the photos on it.
IMG_9953 IMG_9964

they are black and white 5x5's printed from Costco. DSC_0483 DSC_0484

I'm glad February is here! The sun is just starting to last a little longer into the evening and I can smell the warmth of spring drawing near..... ish.  I mean I live in Colorado, so I will see the Spring in May :)

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  1. love your projects, totally impressed!! can't wait to see your picture wall in person.


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