Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jack of All Trades

I'm a Jack of All Trades type of person.....
I have thought of my self this way every since I can remember even back to 7 or 8 years old.
I'm not excellent or super great at one thing, I'm kinda just ok/good at a lot of things.

I think this was really hard for me growing up.  You always see the kid who is amazing at Soccer or Basketball.  Everyone dotes on them, everyone knows who they are.  You always know the Valedictorian, not the me who got in the top 5% of graduating class because even though I did well in school I wasn't the very best.   And if you aren't the best, you're not noticed

I blend in.
I'm not musically gifted, in fact I have a terrible voice!
I'm not super intelligent
I'm not a super athlete 
I was never popular
I'm not a doctor
I'm not a good cook
I'm not artistic
I write a blog, that a few people read
I am not bold or outspoken

I like taking photos, but have to work hard and am certainly not extraordinary at them

I like crafts, but get all of my ideas from other people

I love being a mama, but definitely have to work on being a better one daily
(Sarah's probably broken thumb....)
IMG_0297 IMG_9817 IMG_9452

I even remember in the 5th grade, we did a "5th grade Olympics" and I won the decathlon award, the funny thing is, I did not win 1st place in any of the 10 events we competed in, I just placed in every event, so by the end I had enough points to win!  It almost felt undeserving

Sometimes I still want to be that person who is really good at one thing...
I feel a bit mediocre, which in our society seems blah

But  this guy seems to like me just as I am

And I think God, made me just the way He wanted to

Me is giving my all, my whole heart in everything I do.
When I played basketball, I gave my all and did my best, even though I was not the best

When I take your photos, I am certainly not the best, but I will give you the best that I have

When I host a party, it will not do it half hearted, because people in my life deserve more than that

When I go to work, I give my best work because that is what my boss and patients expect and deserve.

When I'm your friend, I will do my best to be a good one

When I sing, just go ahead and plug your ears or shake your head no (which is what Levi does)

It is so easily to look at my life and feel small and insignificant, 
because I'm not an extraordinary person.  
But sometimes God uses the people who blend in in big ways.  
I just need to allow Him to do it.


  1. it sounds like the thing you excel at is love :)

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  4. it posted my comment 3 times which is why i deleted the others :)

  5. YOU are His masterpiece & loved for WHO You are as His beloved, not for what you do. ...a fan


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