Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where are you girl friend?

I cried on Sunday night, a good hard cry. My feelings were hurt, which made me start to cry, but what made it worse was that I felt like there was no one I could talk to about what had happened. Brett was out of town, I tried to call him, no luck. I had just talked to my mom, which was the reason I was crying (don't worry she is a great mom), so couldn't call her about it. And well, reality is that I haven't called BFF in forever about any sad issues, I just call her to see how life is.

I really just wanted a friend here in Colorado, someone's shoulder to cry on. If any of my friends from Colorado read this they would probably say, "oh Jenni you could have come to me." But I feel like a burden, like I would impose on someone elses time, like most people don't really have time for a new friend, so instead I just cried.

Being married makes having single friendships hard, especially if you don't already have them. Sure we hang out with other married couples, they are friends, but I don't really ever get to hang out with just girls, or a girl for that matter. We have girls night, which if fun, but I just want that friend that I can stop by her house, see how she is, talk if I'm having a bad, or just watch a girl movie.

Brett was gone to Missouri this weekend, which just magnified the whole reality of me not really having a close friend. I pretty much spent the entire weekend by myself (minus going to see the Borne Ulitimatum with 2 couples). I just wanted a moment to have a girl friend over and just be girls, have a dance party, watch a movie, I really didn't care I just wanted a girl there! If I still lived in Omaha SC or LC would have been over in a heart beat, I want a friend here like that.

It is partly my own fault, I could have asked around earlier to see if someone could hang out, but I want a friend that can be last minute, not planned out 2 weeks in advance. I did have someone say, "Oh I was going to ask you to go for a walk while my husband was at work, but I have other plans now." Why is it that she could only hang out while her husband was at work? I mean I do understand that, she probably doesn't get to see him much and quality time with her husband is very important, but I want a friend that can hang out with me sometimes even if her husband is at home.

I did really purse a friendship this past April, I was very hopeful, we had a lot in common, we clicked easily, and she seemed to really want a friendship like I did. Well...she just stopped calling. I called her several times, and she never returned my calls. Just thinking about it makes me sad.... I don't know what I did, but I guess she didn't want to be my friend.

My husband is my best friend, he is great to listen to me even when I ramble on about stupid stuff or cry for no reason.

I just wonder, where are you girlfriend?


  1. i'm here jenni... i'm sorry you were crying. i am calling you this week. it's just not the same. you know what i LOVE about you? you are married yet you realize single girl friends are good people. honestly, i love your friendship b/c you love your husband but you desire girl friends and time just with me. it's a nice mix you have going jenni. don't get discourged. someone out there will see that and want it too. i still do. p.s. i know i'm breaking a "rule" here by discussing the tank top but i just got an envelope... i'm sending it soon :) love you friend. i miss you a lot.

  2. i'm so sorry you had a sad night alone...i've had some of those recently too with family drama. kev is always there to listen and is a huge support in my life, but sometimes i just need a girl to come over and talk with. i love you so much and i miss our girl time for than anything! i can't wait to see you next week and have time to just talk :)

  3. Jenni love! I'm so sorry you were sad :( I miss my girl time with you lots and lots. you are amazing. and I think that the longer you are in CO, and the deeper your roots go, you will find great girlfriends! i'm so thankful for your friendship. i can't wait to come and see your house!!!
    ps. were you sad because our O positive was a lie??????
    pps. why did brett say "freaking tanktop"?
    love you millions
    Sarah O-

  4. i'm sorry you were sad, too, Jenni! i can relate to being sad and not having a good friend to cry to. i hate calling people just to cry, even if it is my BFF. i have a lot of friends here but it's not easy to have a friendship that goes deep. or even a friend who you feel like you can call up to just be spontaneous.

    you are so sweet. i can't imagine anyone not wanting to be your friend. that girl must've known she was unworthy. :)


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