Monday, August 27, 2007

L.C. I feel your pain

Now that I have this new condition happening in my body, that is being pregnant, I have come to notice some bodily changes that are hindering my lifestyle. My first one is the worst! My hair is so oily! Some people may not find this hard to manage but you have to understand that ever since I roomed with SC in the tranquility apartment I got in the habit of washing my hair every 3 days! (it's not gross, it's actually good for your hair, plus SC can go like 5 or 6 without washing) It was great! Do you know how much time that saves me, not to mention the extra hours of sleep I get by not having to blow dry and straighten my hair everyday. Well, now I can only go 1.5 days before I feel like my hair is a wet ball of grease and I could practically use the all the oil to cook some french fries in. LC, I feel your pain, always being the friend who has to wash your hair daily, and if you don't people think you got your hair wet during the middle of the day. Life is harder without the luxury of dry hair.

Next is gas. Yes without a question I have it daily for long periods of time. It's not just a little pshhhh it's lots of those or ripples, and they don't usually smell good. I can't control it, I just pray that I don't have it bad while seeing patients. I usually have to let a bunch out in between patients so I don't explode. There is a reason for this though. I heard that while you are pregnant food sits in your intestines longer to give the baby more nutrients, but it is actually rotting while it is sitting there forever, yum!

Next, is the booby fairy. The booby fairy has started to come visit, which actually isn't bad for me being that I have been an "A" cup my whole life. It's the one chance I have to fill out my shirts. However, the booby fairy makes my boobs hurt like a mother! Going down the stairs hurts or even my husband just looking at them hurts. Ouch, just writing about them makes them hurt.

I can't complain to much, I have yet to be stricken with morning sickness or nausea. I still have many months before everything grows out and I am stricken with stretch marks. I am really excited about this time in my life, and I hope and pray that I feel good through the duration of the pregnancy.

I will keep you all updated, I go to the Doctor on Thursday.


  1. wow, these issues you are experiencing feel like my issues each month. hmmm.... what does that mean?

  2. I love hearing about pregnancy from your perspective. When it's a friend, it's so much more interesting! PTL that you haven't had morning sickness, though. The gas thing would be really embarrassing . . but at least you have a great excuse! :) And yay for bigger boobs. That is what I'm most looking forward to!

  3. did you throw me under the bus just there? haha. just kidding. i haven't experienced the greasy hair... but everything else i have :) i love going through this time with you!! since i'm on br (rest) one of the big events of the next week that i'm looking forward to is calling you on thursday!! yay!!! love you!


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