Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pastor B.B.

I go to N.L Church and well, pretty much everyone is aware our church as been looking for a new senior pastor since the whole fiasco last November. Alas we have some hope and the pastoral selection comity has found someone who they believe will be a great senior pastor for our church. Pastor Brady.

Pastor Brady spoke at church for the first time today, he will preach the next two Sundays and then we as a church will vote him in (2/3 vote is needed). The vote thing is slightly silly, this isn't survivor, or American idol, or a popularity contest. I do understand that people want their say and to be a part of the whole process (prayer is good for that too), and it is written in the by-laws of our church for the congregation to vote, but at the same time I trust the choice the elders, the pastoral selection comity, and the over-seers have made. In my book he already has my vote, before he even spoke a word.

He did speak his first word today, can you imagine how nervous you would be, speaking in front of 14,000 people you have never met, all of which have some kind of expectation, mostly a high one.

He did a great job, his sermon was both insightful about his character and at the same time it was also a message out of the bible that we all needed to hear.

He had us all ears, engaged, laughing, and hopeful for a new future, a new start. This is a fresh new start and hope for our church and the kingdom. I hope that everyone remembers that it is not about a man, but Jesus. That is what we have all been saying the past 9 months.

We also went to the Q&A at church tonight, were the congregation was able to ask him questions, just to get to know him more. It was a great time, it was great to see that he is a real person just like all of us. Of course there is media everywhere, and one of the news women asked pastor Brady, " Do you sin?" haha..... I am sure they are trying to dig up dirt, but it was just funny to hear someone ask that. His response, "Of course I sin, I am human." (This did not happen during the Q&A he just told us of his experience from earlier that day.)

I am excited for this new time, and so glad that our church has stuck together through all of the hardship. Brady, I am glad that you God brought you to our church I think you will fit in wonderfully.

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  1. That is exciting Jenni! I pray for you and your church. God is good and is faithful even in the valley. It's even in those valley's where we see his faithfullness shine more and how much we need Him. I am so unworthy yet He is so worthy. Your church will pull through this valley and joy unspeakable will be at the top of the mountain. it just takes time. it's about the process isn't it?


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