Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Janice is one of the ladies I work with, she is our receptionist and she is awesome! She is like a mother to me here, always listening, caring, and understanding. We even carpool to work together on Thursdays.

She has done so much for baby Maya, it has been such a blessing. She made the curtains for the room, she made a pillow with the inscription "Maya" she threw me a work baby shower (where she pitched in for a baby swing), she got Brett a gift bag filled with "daddy's little girl" supplies, she got me a gift bag filled with necessary supplies like bottles and receiving blankets, and then yesterday at work she gave me a home made quilt that matches Maya's room. I love it, it is so perfect for the room and it means so much that she made it!

the quilt

I don't talk about work much on my blog, but I truly love my job! I really like being a hygienist, but even more I love the place I work and the people I work with. My boss is great, he has integrity, he is generous, and he is really caring. Just a few days ago he called me to see if I wanted the couches that were in the lobby at work because he was replacing them. He said, "I know you and your husband have more recently moved into a home and I just wanted to ask you first if you wanted the couches." (L, I would have offered them to you for your apartment, but you live kind of far away). It was just really thoughtful gesture. He also told me that he got a chair for me to sit in while I breast pump when I come back to work.

The office is really nice inside too (dr's wife is an interior designer). I remember when I first walked in I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, I want to work here" and now I do! I also love all of the technology in the office, everything is on the computers and digital, it makes it so much more efficent and way easier. I can easily say I love going to work everyday.

www.pinecreekdental.com (you can go here and see what the office looks like)


  1. Wow, what a blessing! Sometimes I cannot get over people's generosity - not only by spending money, but time.

    That is so sweet that you even thought of me! Fortunately my new roommate is buying us a couch. I'll have to blog about it and post pics. :)

    Your office looks so nice. I really wish you could be my hygienist!

    p.s. I had a reminder pop up on my online calendar that today was your due date. But you still have a couple weeks left, don't you?

  2. the blanket is awesome! reserve one for me when it's my turn... and don't you just love it when you love your job? i'm so there. it's only my third day but i think gosh, this is what it feels like to love your job. i love it that you are happy jenni. i love you! p.s. i didn't tell you about my implant. i had to get one removed because it had an infection (sorry to the rest of the blog world but jenni enjoys this stuff) and there was no bone holding it in. so they removed one and cleaned around the other. now we are waiting to see if the cleaning worked around the other, otherwise they will have to take that implant out too! can you believe it? what a pain in the butt! then i think i will just get bridges. boo!!!! i knew you would care.


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