Sunday, December 5, 2010

Apple Hill

To be honest I have had a hard time this fall.... Just with life, business, and the daily reminder that I am not pregnant and having a baby in February..... I have had moments where I just wanted to quit e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. But I have also had the reminder of God and His promises for our life and I fully believe He intends for our family to be larger. One of my wishes, just to have some heart and family time, was to go home and go to apple hill. I am sure my husband heard me say about 20 times, "I just want to go home and go to apple hill!" Well thanks to some free plane tickets that wish was made possible!

Early November we headed to California! It was the perfect time! I knew I wasn't going to get to see my family for the holidays so it was a great to get to celebrate early!

As we drove down the beautiful, tree rich, fall road to apple hill I just had a sincere moment of happiness..... ahhhh "this is what I have been waiting for," I told my husband. It was sooo beautiful, with all of the fall colored trees, the winery, the blue sky, the crisp smell in the air. It was such a wonderful picture of Gods amazing creation. If you have never visited Northern California, you need too!! It is really one of the most beautiful places and it is one of the reasons I miss it sooo much.

Not only was I so excited for apple hill, but it was even better that we were meeting our good friends the Hornacek's there. It was probably one of the prettiest fall days, sunny, about 70 degrees and no wind, lovely!

Maya picking her apples

cute friends(Maya was thrilled to see Kyri!!)

precious kaden

this was a real....gag it was nasty

daddys and silly daughters

I loved just getting to spend some time with my mom, we made home-made bread and and a breakfast braid and just got to hang out some. We had an early thanksgiving meal and my brother Jordan and two sisters Carrisa and Danae joined us (so fun to see everyone!) Maya also loved special time with Grandpa Ed.

We went for a walk to starbucks and...

Maya picked some berries

and found a dead possum....that we heard about for the next 4 days.
"Mommy we found a dead possum on our walk, he didn't listen to his mom and cross edthe street and got hit by a car and died" (a story told by grandma)

this is what happens when we try to take a picture of Norah and Maya together
I loved my time at home, it was refreshing and fun, can't wait to go back!


  1. it was so good to see you :) i'm sorry you are having a hard time in life right now, i can totally sympothize. makes me wish at times like this that we lived you.

  2. we LOVE apple hill! when we visit mr. andersons family in the fall, we always go there--what a small world :)

    and p.s. our bunkbeds were from k-mart, about 3 years ago :)

  3. So beautiful! I'm a Nor Cal girl, myself. I grew up in the silicon valley & now live in the Monterey Bay.
    All my childhood, my grandparents lived in Placerville - the Apple Hill area!


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