Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Mom

My mom is e.x.t.r.a.o.r.d.i.n.a.r.y!

Tomorrow is my moms 60th birthday, I cannot believe she is going to be 60! Happy birthday mom! Most people think that their own mother is wonderful, of course, but even from an outside non-biased daughters view, I think many would have to agree that my mom is amazing! My mom has lived 60 of the most incredible years, and you are just going to get a glimpse of the past 28

I don't know anyone like my mom, not even close.
She had six children while married to my father, six kids!! That's not easy people! While growing up I remember her always serving and taking care of people. I remember one elderly, crotchity old women named Irene. No one like Irene, or even cared about her except for my mom. My mom took her places, gave her company, helped her to take care of her home. One day we went to Irene's house to find her dead......she had been that way for a few days and no one even noticed! Thank goodness for my mom....
My mom helping others was not a one time occurrence, my mom helped so many people that others would just disregard, she gave rides, she befriended, she gave food, time, energy and she was taken advantage of numerous times because of her kind heart.

This is not all that makes my mom amazing, there is so much more! When we were young children my dad was diagnosed with leukemia, now my mom was not only taking care of us, but our sick father. I will never forget the night my father passed away, because my mom was NOT there!! She was at her own fathers funeral when her husband passed away! Seriously God, could you not hold off for like a day?? What women can endure that, not just that, but my mom was left to raise six children by her self! Ok, I am a mom now and I have moments of craziness with one child and I have a husband, I couldn't imagine six kids by myself, that would put me on the brink of insanity!!

I have had discussions with my mom, about how she did this, how she got through this extraordinarily difficult time in her life, and she told me she was on her knees with the Lord, using His guidance and strength.

I love my mom.

My mom had to make tough decisions, like moving us from Southern, California to Northern. Even though I was so mad at her during the time, I can see now how it was so much better for all of us.

The story doesn't end here folks. My mom did re-marry to my wonderful step-dad, Ed.

Sometimes I wonder what Ed was thinking, marrying a women with six children, plus he has one of his own, now there were seven of us, yikes!! Having my step-dad was probably one of the only reasons my mom made it through this next part of her life......

When I was 14 my oldest brother Darren was diagnosed with a brain tumor.....how could this be? My moms first born could not be sick? God had already taken her husband and father, and now this? My mom was steadfast and strong, she took care of my dying brother, flying him to Houston for experimental treatment, being his beside nurse, being for him in the middle of the night when he would cry and plead over and over again "mom....mom...mom.." I will never forget that sound, the sound of a 20 year old man, helpless in bed crying for our mom.

My brother didn't make it...............

For all of us, losing our brother was harder than losing our father....
and for my mom, sheesh, I really don't know how she did it.

and it continues.......
While we were pregnant with Maya, my Granny (mom's mom) was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Can any of you guess who decided to take care of my Granny? Yep, my mom. I cannot imagine how exhausting that was. Even though Granny was getting older, there is no easy was to ever lose your own mother. I know this time in life was very hard on my mom, she had so many questions, wondering if she was making the right decisions, and doubting herself, but she was still strong. And mom, you did make the right decisions.
My daughter, Maya met Granny once and shortly after that Granny went to join the rest of the family in heaven. I remember after this happened asking God to give my mom a break, just for a little while.....
4 generartions

That didn't really happen, besides the heartache many of us kids kept bringing to our mom, the biggest shock was still yet to come. Carrisa

Carrisa, 5th of 6 children just gone in an instant!! How could my mom handle anything else? A husband, both parents, 2 children? Why was my mom chosen to endure this life, did God mistake her with Job? Sometimes I think so, but you know what, if God took every last one of us away from my mom and everything she ever owned, she would still love Him! Many people say that they would do this for God, but I KNOW my mom would.

Oh and did I mention that my mom is an awesome cook! She eats very healthy, sometimes it seems like bird food.... I remember her always trying to trick us kids and sneak healthy things into our food, like barley green

My mom is the best example! She loves and serves God with her whole being! She is always taking care and thinking of others. Her job is to take care of elderly dying patients, literally that is what she did for work (up until 2 weeks ago). When we told my mom she deserved to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, she replied that someone else needed it and deserved it more!!! Mom, you deserve it!
mom and family

mom and her granddaughters

Mom, I wish you did not have to endure so much hardship in your life, I really wish you wouldn't have to always be so strong, even for a minute. I hope that for your life left on earth, God will give you the utmost joy and will allow you to see all of your children serving Jesus. Sometimes I hope that I go before my mom does, because I really can't imagine life without her

My mom is E.T.R.A.O.R.D.I.N.A.R.Y!


  1. Im crying. I feel so honored to know you and her. You look like your mom more than any of her children. You have and do display her splendor. Im so thankful that she has you for a daughter to pay her this utmost respect. Her children will rise up and call her blessed.! here is the proof! I love Laurie. She has raised a beautiful daughter in Jenni. Carrisa admired and held you in high esteem...just as you do your momma! Happy Happy Birthday Laurie Walsh. You have brought so much glory to our Lord in just the way you live. I love love love you!

  2. What a kind, loving post to write about your mother. I am so very sorry that your family has had to endure so much heartache. I can only hope and pray that the sorrow stops for now and that you all will have many years of happiness and joy.

  3. awww Jenni that is sooo sweet and you Mom is an amazing woman. I am glad to have known her!

  4. Amazing. I have tears in my eyes. What an amazing woman and legacy. What a gift of a mother you have. Love your blog!

  5. ...an incredible testimony about an exceptional woman. I am privileged to know these truths firsthand. Thank you for writing your family's story that God receive the glory for those who choose to trust in Him.
    You are so lucky to be your momma's daughter. She is a virtuous woman who has left "very deep tracks to follow"--a model for us all! As they say, children don't get to pick their parents...the otha momma


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