Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maya updates and Halloween fun

We have been busy traveling a.lot. October was Vail, and then Orlando, Fl (just me with work) Beginning of November was California and Thanksgiving was in Houston, Tx. Whew..... glad to be home for a while.

Maya has been h.i.l.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!
We have tea parties just about everyday
"Mommy come join me"
"Would you like some coat?" ( i think she meant coke)
"lets see..... we need one cup of sugar and one egg"
"mommy SIT down"

While at Target a few weeks ago Maya asked to buy some toys for her friends, I told her we didn't have enough money and she replied "Let me see your wallet!" oh dear..... it's already starting

Ok lets backup to Halloween time( i know like forever ago)

We had our 4th annual pumkin carving with the Hinkles (although all of the girls painted pumkins this year) I look forward to this every year, we love being with the Hinkles!

We made cupcakes for Maya's Halloween party at daycare. Maya did a wonderful job helping and when we were finished she politely asked, "Mommy may I have a cutcake"
I replied "yes Maya you can have one"
Maya replied "but mommy, you need to sing happy birthday to me first"

We had a Great halloween! Time with great friends, great food, and totally cute kids! Our friends the Hinkle's hosted a Halloween dinner and did a wonderful job!

Maya was a cute little Lady Bug

The cutest lion E.V.E.R "Bennett"

Taysen, a very cute Flamingo with a fever (hence the crying)

Maya and Daddy

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