Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're going to Kansas City

What better way to spend a 9 hour car ride than by blogging, I love technology!

Yes, our 4th annual trip to Kansas city always happens during the 4th of July!  We love it!  We go to visit Brett's Brother Travis and his adorable family (Shanna, Ella,  Chloe)!  We usually are able to hop over to Jefferson City, MO to visit Brett's grandmother and some of his aunts and uncles as well.  This year everyone got to meet Norah, which was extra special!

I will just break this trip up into 3 parts this time rather than 8 million parts like I did with California trip.  

Part1 is just some of our time in Kansas City with the family.

The girls loved time with their cousins, all girls is so much fun, a little drama (maybe just a little) and lots of cuteness!   Did I mention how HOT it was!?!?!? 101 degrees our first day with crazy humidity, yuck!

Ok Photos

We did spend time outside, even though it was so hot



There's no better way to spend a hot summer day than with no clothes on





(Norah and Chloe were napping during most of this photo session, that's why there aren't many photos of them)

My husband is a handsome one!

Bath Time! 4 girl cousins in a bath = lots of blond hair to wash!

Goofing around

I decided to french braid Maya and Ella's hair (not the best braids, still working on that). They were both wearing the same pjs and from the back we kept getting them confused.\

Stay posted for more on our 4th of July Weekend!


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