Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm "that" mom & maternity photos

Ok, so before our life changed and got totally crazy I always looked at moms with lots of young kids and thought, I could never ever do that.  You know, I was going to have my perfectly spaced out 2 children, minimizing stress and not be a baby popping women.  Nothing at all against moms who have lots of kids in a row, it really is a beautiful thing and I know many moms who do and are so incredible, I just always thought it wasn't for me.  It is kind of funny and ironic that people who see me now think that I am "that" mom, ha!  I still don't think I am all that cut out for it, but that will be my life in about 8 weeks or less.......  and now that we are going to have 3 children Brett and I often joke about having more (and I don't know that we are always joking).

In many ways though I do see this pregnancy as my last and I am trying to enjoy each moment of it!  I love being pregnant, there is something about this amazing tiny miracle that I can feel moving in my reminds me of God's great love of how even during the most difficult circumstances in life He shows what incredible things can be done.  I am so thankful each day baby Sarah is inside of me, still moving, still alive, she's not quite ready to come yet.   Although, I love being pregnant I can't wait to meet her, to see what she looks like, acts like, to know her.  Will she look like Brett, Me,  Maya, or maybe even a little like Norah?  It will be so fun to see!

So I asked my friend Celine several months ago if she would be willing to do some maternity photos for me.  She doesn't consider herself a professional photographer, but I have seen some of the photos she has done, I know she has been teaching herself a ton, we have similar styles, and she is a mommy of 2, pregnant herself, and knows my story.  I knew she would able to capture the joy of pregnancy so well!  Side Note : I am soooo sooo excited that Celine is going to join me with having 3 children under 3 (she is due in December).  Celine inspires me in so many ways, especially mommy-hood.  I always have such great conversations with her, she has been such a wonderful friend and she is the one who encouraged me to look into getting a Doula (which we just hired).  So thank you Celine for driving and hour with 2 toddlers to get some photos of my baby belly.  You did an awesome job!!

I know many of you have already seen these on facebook, so for those of you who haven't seen them yet here is a glimpse at my maternity photos.








yes, i will do anything to avoid a buger in a photo..... even use Norah's dress.... but apparently as you can see, I didn't get it all because you can still see it in the photo below....

Family photos


My fav

Our Maternity Photos. Maya, Norah, and Baby Sarah. I love this one!
I feel so privileged in so many ways that I knew Norah's mommy and have photos of how much Carrisa loved Norah even when she was in her belly.


  1. you made me cry..................again..

  2. WOW!! You look adorable!! LOVE THEM, absolutely LOVE THEM!!

  3. we all have to eat our words as a mother. ha!

    you look great!

  4. jenni, you made me totally cry. being a mom to (lots!) of little kids is hard work but you make it look like a were made for this job!! like i said the other day, your home is so full of love, i left the other day with a smile on my face:) thank you SO much for including me on your sarah has no idea what a wonderful mama she has waiting to hold her! you're the sweetest, love you!

  5. absolutely gorgeous family. Celine's photos look totally professional and artful. Amazing!

  6. Hey Jenni! Those are some great pics! I haven't really been around much because we just found out back on Memorial Day we were pregnant w/our 5th & I've had really bad morning sickness or I should say all day sickness! I see your having a girl, congrats! Love the new blog header as well! Best of luck w/3 under 3!

  7. Love these pictures Jenni! You look adorable and I LOVE the cowboy boots! 3 girls under 3 is soooo fun...I know from experience! These girls are blessed to have such a loving family.


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